Sweet and Divine Baking® was officially established for the general public on 2013. Before that, we have been baking and cooking for private parties, meetings, and general requests for several years.

We specialize in mini desserts, pies, and all kind of sweets (based on the most tasteful European flavors) that are ideal for entertaining guests, a family treat or a little self indulgence.

Sweet and Divine Baking® is a family-owned and operated business, and takes pride in providing the best quality products; using fresh, local, and seasonal produce in our own recipes.
While small we are big in service and satisfaction.


About Us
When asked the question how long we have been baking, the truth is we’ve been baking since we were young, very young.
Baking and cooking is something that we grew up with. Growing up in an Italian family, and being taught to enjoy good food, makes us selective and careful in the quality of what we bake.

Since then, we have followed our mom, grandmother, and great-grandmother's recipes to be faithful to continue the great flavors and traditions that run in our family for years and years. This is why, every time you taste one of our mini desserts, you are being transported to the very heart of Europe.

We offer friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff with on-time deliveries for your very special day.  

Sweet and Divine Baking® is certified by the State of Arizona, for cooking and baking; when you order any of our products, you can be confident that in our kitchen we strictly follow the requirements of the State for home baking.